Deliverables executive summaries

D1.1_Report on the state-of-the art review

D1.2 _Survey of commercial nanoparticles and strategy for further functionalisation needed

D1.3_Packaging, automotive and solar panels materials specifications

D1.4_Safe-by-design protocol

D6.4_Validation of packaging for food and cosmetics including food contact safety aspects final with Annex

D6.5_Economic and environmental impact of packaging solutions

D7.3_Economic and environmental impact of nano-enhanced OPV laminates

D8.4_Economic and environmental impact of nano-enhanced automotive parts

D9.9_Final communication Report

D9.10_Nanosafety Assessment Report

D.9.11_Best Practice Guidance on nano-enhanced materials OptiNanoPro

D9.12_Training Report

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