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  • [:en]Tiny but full of promises (2nd episode): the prospects of nanotechnology in packaging[:]

    [:en]Tiny but full of promises (2nd episode): the prospects of nanotechnology in packaging[:]

    [:en]After seeing in February the “Prospects of nanotechnology in the solar energy sector”, let’s now focus on those for packaging. Due to tight legislations and importance of consumers’ perception, packaging is a field driven by incremental improvements rather than by sudden revolutions. As such, new technologies are slowly penetrating and the first uses of nanotechnology […]

  • [:en]The strength of eggshells as filler for bio-packaging[:]

    [:en] While more and more efforts are put into bio-based alternatives to conventional plastics, some even from wastes, same can is now also emerging in terms of nanoparticles. Check out this article showing the strength of eggshells as filler for bio-packaging:  [:]

  • Deliverables executive summaries

    D1.1_Report on the state-of-the art review D1.2 _Survey of commercial nanoparticles and strategy for further functionalisation needed D1.3_Packaging, automotive and solar panels materials specifications D1.4_Safe-by-design protocol D6.4_Validation of packaging for food and cosmetics including food contact safety aspects final with Annex D6.5_Economic and environmental impact of packaging solutions D7.3_Economic and environmental impact of nano-enhanced OPV laminates […]

  • [:en]General month 6 meeting [:]

    [:en]The OptiNanoPro consortium met for the M6 project meeting in Slovenia. It was the occasion to review the plan for the introduction of nanotechnology in the different production lines and the first experimental results. In addition, the partners visited the facilities of TUBA and SIBO that will be “nano-enhanced” respectively to obtain laminated and injected […]

  • [:en]Tiny but full of promises: The prospects on nanotechnology in solar energy[:]

    [:en]Although “nano”’s unique properties have been commented in number of our past posts, it’s so full of promises that let’s come back to it focusing on the main prospects of nano in solar energy. Nanostructures, nanolayer, nanocomposites, nanotextures used either in the photoactive layers, in other layers, or on the surface of the solar panels […]

  • [:en]OptiNanoPro Factsheet[:]

    [:en] Processing and control of novel nanomaterials in packaging, automotive and solar panel processing lines Nanocomposites are promising for many sectors, as they can make polymers stronger, less water and gas permeable, tune surface properties, add functionalities such as antimicrobial effects. In spite of intensive research activities, significant efforts are still needed to deploy the […]

  • [:en]Nanomaterials for easy­emptying packaging, self­cleaning solar panels and lighter automotive components[:]

    [:en]A new research project aims to introduce nanoparticles into packaging, automotive and solar panels to improve their features At the end of life of a tube, as much as 30% of the product can be wasted due to difficulties for the consumer to get it out! ­ Solar panels lose up to 40% of their […]